Cooking club changes lives. We get together to cook some healthy vegan building blocks that will form the base of our weekday meals. In so doing, we find nourishment for our bodies and souls. When you sign up for cooking club, you get:

  • Structure: Leave batch cooking to chance, and chances are… it won’t happen! When you join the Healthy Vegan Batch Cooking Club, it’s now on your schedule. It happens at a specific, predictable time. And you show up.
  • Motivation: Even if you don’t like cooking, it’s fun to spend an hour or two doing something productive and meaningful with a group of people who also value really good food.
  • Accountability: You don’t just show up for yourself. You show up for me, and you show up for the other members of cooking club. Your presence makes it better for everyone.
  • Support: An expert plant-based cooking and nutrition educator is there to answer your questions, as well as many other experienced plant-based cooks who also attend cooking club.
  • Really good food… ready to eat: Having spent a bit of time in the kitchen on Sunday (every other week), you have some building blocks ready to reheat and assemble into wholesome meals on busy weekdays. It’s amazing!

What do we do during batch cooking club sessions?

Cooking club is for cooking – not watching. We are all doing our own thing. Everyone who joins is committed to preparing at least one plant-based building block for their week. Some of us are subscribers to the Vegan Meal Plans and follow the prep steps in full, others somewhat loosely; some members are not subscribers and just do their own thing, often inspired by my principles of “minimum viable prep” (one batch of whole grain, one soup or stew, one sauce or dressing).

There is no teaching, though Brigitte is happy to take your questions about plant-based cooking and nutrition during that time.

We chat a bit while we cook, though often we go silent to focus better on the task.

Please: only bring plant-based ingredients to cooking club and refrain from discussing animal-based products (meat, dairy, eggs, honey) other than to ask for substitution guidance. Thank you! 

What is the cost?

The Healthy Vegan Batch Cooking Club is now FREE! Yes, free. I decided that I wanted to make this life-changing program available to everyone. I feel privileged to be able to invite you into my (virtual) vegan family kitchen so we can spend this time together.

Those who wish and are able to contribute towards the costs of maintaining cooking club are welcome to do so, but it’s absolutely not required or expected. I expect you to SHOW UP and COOK PLANTS – that’s it.

When do we meet?

For Winter 2024, we will meet every other week on Sunday starting on December 31st, 2023. I am always present for at least one hour, often more.

The time for now is:

Sunday 2 p.m. Pacific (San Francisco / Vancouver)
Sunday 3 p.m. Mountain (Phoenix / Calgary)
Sunday 4 p.m. Central (Chicago / Winnipeg)
Sunday 5 p.m. Eastern (New York City / Toronto)
Sunday 6 p.m. Atlantic (Halifax)
Sunday 10 p.m. London, UK
Sunday 11 p.m. Central European Time
Monday 8:30 a.m. in Adelaide, Australia
Monday 9 a.m. in Sydney, Australia
Monday 11 a.m. in Wellington, New Zealand

The schedule may change for the next season. The “master” time is Pacific standard time.

Dates for Winter 2024

December 31st, 2023
January 14th, 2024
January 28th, 2024
February 11th, 2024
February 25th, 2024

What if I can’t attend all sessions?

Life happens, people travel and get sick, friends need help, and that’s understandable. If you sign up for Winter 2024, you are committed to attending at least one of the sessions. If you are absent, we’ll miss you!

How do I sign up?

Complete this form to receive the access details by email and reminders of our bi-weekly sessions.