This is a can’t-miss episode! Join me in conversation with Elaine Perlman, Executive Director of Waitlist Zero, an advocacy group committed to ending the kidney shortage in the United States. In this episode of the Vegan Family Kitchen Podcast, Elaine shares her deeply personal journey from embracing veganism and healthy plant-based living to becoming a kidney donor, gifting an organ to a stranger. Her transition to a plant-based lifestyle not only transformed her health but also fueled her passion for saving lives through organ donation.

Elaine aims to pass critical federal laws in the United States, the End Kidney Deaths Act and the Honor Our Living Donors Act, to save lives and support donors across the nation. With over 90,000 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant, Elaine’s advocacy work is more urgent than ever – and she needs your support.

She also shares her experience in education, from teaching young students in New York City about healthy eating to mentoring adults transitioning to a healthier, plant-based diet. I love her approach to teaching about plant-based eating and kidney health, and anyone who is trying to nudge others towards doing the right thing will find lots to learn from Elaine.

This episode is not just a talk; it’s a call to action. Whether you’re curious about plant-based living, concerned about kidney health, or intrigued by the idea of donating an organ to a stranger, Elaine’s story offers valuable lessons and inspiring actions.

Here is how one person’s choices can ripple out to affect thousands of lives – we can all make a difference.

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