Can there be such a thing as a blissful menopause? Every woman’s experience will be different, but certain lifestyle and mindset shifts will make it a smoother ride. My guest on the Vegan Family Kitchen podcast today is Anna Pelzer, a vegan menopause coach, has some gentle guidance to help.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Anna shares:

  • Her journey from food photography to menopause coaching
  • What she means when she suggests menopause can be a time of opportunity
  • Actionable physical and mental health tips you can practice today
  • Her own routine and stress-reduction strategies

Based on Anna’s past experience as a renowned vegan food photographer, we also touched on some behind-the-scene insight about the stress of social media for online creators.

Struggling with menopause symptoms? Approaching menopause? You can connect with her for a free 30-minute consultation via her website Blissful Menopause, or connect on Instagram. Also tune in to her new podcast: The Vegan Menopause.

Jump ahead to…

01:20 Anna’s Journey to Menopause Coaching
02:36 The Impact of Stress on Menopause
02:59 The Importance of Lifestyle Medicine
03:34 Understanding Menopause Symptoms
04:45 Menopause as a New Beginning
05:59 Setting Health Goals During Menopause
06:55 The Role of Plant-Based Eating in Menopause
08:04 Transitioning to a Healthier Diet
10:03 Stress Reduction Techniques
10:46 The Power of Mindfulness
12:43 The Importance of Body Connection
14:07 Embracing Menopause with a Positive Mindset
21:26 Personal Routine and Habits
26:47 Dealing with Hot Flashes
30:19 The Role of a Menopause Doula