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The worst thing about cooking
is deciding what to make.


Healthy vegan grocery list printable (a PDF you can download)

Healthy vegan grocery list printable (a PDF you can download)

What's on my healthy vegan grocery list printable? Eating a (mostly) whole foods plant based diet means that I am cooking from a set of vegan pantry staples. It's amazing how many different, delicious, and nutritious meals one can cook from this set of basic...



Minimalist meal prep for healthy stress-free vegan weeknights

Minimalist meal prep for healthy stress-free vegan weeknights

If you can find one hour to for meal prep / batch cooking at any time in the week, you can prepare really good food you will enjoy throughout the week. It won't be perfect, but it will provide you with a solid base for meals that improve your nutrition and enjoyment...

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