Home-cooked vegan meals... without losing your mind

Get organized to nourish and delight your family
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Are you losing your mind trying to feed your family healthy vegan meals… that they will actually eat?

I hear you. I always enjoyed cooking for myself and also having friends and family over for meals. But cooking for my husband and our children every single day is a lot trickier.

Of course, I want the food to taste good – otherwise even I will be reluctant to eat it. But that’s not the only thing!

  • Nutrition: Iron, calcium, omega 3s, fiber, vitamin, protein… are they getting enough? All moms worry about this but vegan moms perhaps more so.
  • Picky eaters: My children are still discovering the wide world of ingredients, so nearly every meal I make can be deconstructed to let them taste components separately.
  • Whole foods: I cook with whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds as much as possible, avoiding prepared and processed foods.
  • Diversity: We enjoy a variety of meals and cuisines. It’s also a way to ensure we get the whole spectrum of nutrients.
  • Avoiding food waste: Rotting produce and uneaten leftovers are a waste of money and effort – both the farmers’ and my own!
  • Time: Cooking is not the only thing I have or want to do in life.

Plus, I want everything to be vegan.

In our home, not everything is perfect. There are compromises made at times. But I have discovered that it doesn’t need to be such a massive puzzle.


You, too, can adopt a few simple routines to plan, prepare and serve vegan meals that will nourish and delight your family every day.

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