When cooking for one or two people, mustering the motivation to cook healthy tasty meals can be a struggle. You might end up stuck in a rut, eating only a few different meals and even missing the mark on your nutrition targets.

This free Zoom workshop will empower you with practical strategies and tips to transform your weekly habits. We’ll talk about:

  • Strategies to hit the sweet spot between diversity and simplicity
  • Tips to reduce food costs and waste
  • Boosting your vitality and energy with nutrient-rich dishes
  • Using slow cookers and Instant Pots to streamline batch cooking
  • How to find joy in cooking when going solo in the kitchen

This event is free to attend live.

Thursday February 29th, 2024
2 p.m. Pacific (Vancouver, Los Angeles)
5 p.m. Eastern (Montreal, New York City)
10 p.m. GMT (London UK)