Cooking vegan meals for your family, using whole foods whenever possible, is the right thing to do.

Maybe you are eager to enjoy the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Perhaps you are concerned about the impacts of animal agriculture and processed foods on the environment.

Maybe you committed to a vegan lifestyle because you are horrified by the routine abuse of animals in industrial farms,

Regardless of your reasons for landing here today, one thing’s for sure:

you need to decide what’s for dinner.

And you hope that everyone will enjoy it… or at least eat some of it.

(Because food waste really bugs you, too.)

My name is Brigitte Gemme and this is my Vegan Family Kitchen.

I create the resources you can find on this web site – many available for free! – because I am passionate about spreading the vegan food love.

At first, I just wanted to eat more beans. Fiber’s good for us, right? My growing interest for cooking with an ever-increasing variety of legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds happened at the same time as I educated myself to the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on water, air, and the ozone layer. I simultaneously discovered reasons to be angry at the food industry… and a myriad of new dishes that were a joy to cook and eat. I transitioned from a meat-loving omnivore to enthusiastic vegan over the course of two years, becoming fully vegan in 2015.

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