Your audience needs to hear it from Brigitte

Do you have a TV or radio show, podcast, YouTube channel, or blog where your audience can learn about healthy cooking, eating, and lifestyles? Brigitte would love to share more about:

  • The only 5 recipes your listeners need to feed themselves really good food every day (and why there are millions of recipes on the Internet!)
  • Her approach to transform cooking from a chore you dread to a ritual you embrace with gratitude and mindfulness
  • The easiest way to plan plant-based meals using what you have in the pantry and seasonal produce, with a zero-waste mindset
  • All the productivity hacks you need to eat healthily and get meaningful stuff done every day
  • Brigitte’s journey from rare steak and blue cheese lover to healthy plant-based vegan mom of two
  • Why she quit her academic research job to empower others to eat more plants (even if they think they’ll never go vegan)
  • Why she decided to publish a book about cooking without recipes rather than a cookbook
  • And more!

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