The food we eat isn’t neutral: every bite has the potential to nourish and heal us, or harm us. So says Leah Cooper, my friend from Australia who teaches yoga and whole food cooking in the macrobiotic tradition.

In our conversation, we talk about:

  • Why the connection between yoga and food isn’t always made in conventional yoga classes
  • What therapeutic yoga can be a better choice for those of us whose bodies aren’t in perfect shape
  • How we can eat according to the seasons
  • And how to make veggie-rich miso soup for breakfast!

Leah Cooper is a yoga teacher, whole food cook, and health and wellbeing enthusiast. She started her business, The Centre of Ki (pronounced ‘key’) in 2013 and has been teaching weekly yoga classes, hosting yoga retreats, and leading seasonal cooking workshops in the Barossa Valley of South Australia for 10 years. She also has a YouTube channel that enables her to share her passions for health and wellbeing to a wider audience, and in 2021 she began her podcast – The Wellbeing Room.

Watch Leah’s healing yoga videos on her YouTube channel and visit The Centre of Ki to learn more about her upcoming classes and events. Don’t forget to subscribe to her podcast, The Wellbeing Room. You can also connect with her on Instagram¬†or Facebook.

You can watch or listen to the episode right here, or head to YouTube or your favorite podcast app.