Charlyn Black trained as a family doctor more than forty years ago, but most of her career has been as a scholar dedicated to understanding the social determinants of health for over three decades. She is now a Professor at the UBC School of Population and Public Health, and an enthusiastic advocate for the power of predominantly plant-based diets for prevention and vitality. I am grateful that she is also a Vegan Meal Plan subscribers, using them in her own way as she’ll explain in the interview.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Charlyn’s journey from teaching yoga at age 16 to family medicine and finally a public health professorship,
  • Her transition to vegetarian in the 80s and what it finally took to make her go toward a whole food plant-based diet,
  • The intersections between her personal and professional journeys,
  • Initiatives that give her hope when it comes to the use of plant-based diet to improve individual and public health,
  • How she practices batch cooking,
  • And the advice she gives to people who might be thinking about plant-based diets but fearing that it’s not for them.

Thank you Charlyn for this inspiring conversation, I admire your vitality and enthusiasm! I look forward to cooking with you again soon.

You can listen to the interview (below or on all podcast platforms) or watch it on YouTube (scroll a little further down):

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