Making vegan pizza is much easier than you think and, just like everything else, it gets easier as you practice. It’s definitely not something you need to outsource to the pizza guy across the street! In this 60-minute workshop, I will take the mystery out of pizza dough making, ease your dough-stretching fears, and inspire you with lots of ideas for toppings.

In this 60-minute workshop, I will:

  • Demonstrate my fool-proof, fail-proof method to make basic vegan pizza dough
  • Discuss and demonstrate sneaky nutritious options for vegan pizza dough (including using beans!)
  • Show you different techniques to stretch your dough
  • Demonstrate the use of various toppings including cheesy ones, from commercial options to whole-foods-made-at-home ones
  • Suggest ways to repurpose leftovers on your homemade vegan pizza

Here’s feedback from a participant:

“Really enjoy your casual presentation style, encouragement to experiment, and your humor! Also enjoyed the simple pizza sauce recipe. And, I love that you promote plants, not a lot of processed fake meats and cheeses. Thank you!”

The workshop happened on Friday March 11th at 11 am Pacific time. If you missed it, the replay will be available for $20 USD. Vegan Meal Plan subscribers will have access for free as usual.

Vegan pizza makes a regular appearance on the Vegan Meal Plans because it’s an easy, fun, and nutritious way to eat more plants. Subscribers who have refrained from making their own pizza so far will gain the confidence they need to follow through with the plan and make their own pizza more regularly.