Wednesday dinners do not have to be stressful to prepare.

When you are drained after a long day, you do not need to rely on take-out or ready-made processed meals.

Wholesome, tasty, and healthy meals are possible even when you don’t have the time or energy to cook.

How on Earth?!

It’s time to decouple cooking and eating. Let your calm and refreshed weekend self can prepare the gift of really good food for your frazzled and tired weeknight self.

A container of ready-to-eat vegetable and bean soup in the fridge is like a culinary hug from your past self!

Have you been thinking that getting organized and doing some batch cooking or meal prep on the weekend would help? It’s time to act. You, too, can eat more nutritious and delicious meals on weeknights… but you have to get into the habit of batch cooking.

Watch the replay of the Live Batch Cooking Demo to get inspired!

To follow along, you can download the Planned & Plant-Based 5-day healthy vegan dinner plan:

In this one hour demonstration, you will:

  • Learn the difference between meal prep and batch cooking, and why batch cooking works better for my household
  • Get inspired as you see me cook five building blocks for the coming week’s meals
  • Discover strategies and tips to make batch cooking efficient, mess-free, and FUN
  • Ask all your questions about using meal plans and batch cooking

Your free ticket for this useful and inspiring live session includes my popular Planned & Plant-Based one-week meal plan, which features some of my favorite fuss-free dinners of all time: lazy bean risotto, rustic bean soup, warming couscous salad, coco-peanut noodles, and even pizza!