How to stay connected with our culinary heritage without sacrificing health? Let’s talk about it with Karla Salinari, a.k.a. The Latina Health Coach and author of the recently published cookbook Abuela’s Plant-Based Kitchen: Vegan Cuisine Inspired by Latin & Caribbean Family Recipes.

Diving into Karla Salinari’s inspiring journey, we learn about her Puerto Rican roots, growing up with a strictly vegan father at a time when plant-based diets were practically unheard of. As Karla navigated between Miami and Puerto Rico, her eating habits varied. It wasn’t until university in NYC that she truly embraced a plant-based lifestyle. Connecting back to her roots, Karla adapted traditional Puerto Rican dishes with healthier, vegan ingredients.

Today, Karla’s mission is to help others reconnect with their culinary heritage without sacrificing health. She champions flavorful, aromatic Puerto Rican cooking that’s naturally plant-forward. From rice dishes infused with fresh greens to using vegan alternatives, she proves food can be nourishing and rooted in tradition.

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Her book, Abuela’s Plant-Based Kitchen, is available everywhere. Enjoy!