Why not try something different, pay attention to the results, and take it from there? This Vegan Family Kitchen Podcast episode’s guest, Helen C. Giles, is a colleague, cooking friend, and meal plan subscriber. Her story will encourage you to embrace experimentation and give thanks for the life and body you have now.

In this conversation, we explore:

  • The beginnings of Helen’s journey into veg*ism, which started in a high school Animal Science class, and how she took her parents along for the ride;
  • Her self-guided path to healing from a mental health crisis when conventional medicine’s failed to help;
  • How listening to her body led her to quit dairy and experiment with laying off gluten, and how she makes the Vegan Meal Plans work for her;
  • Her non-conventional career path following a graduate degree in Public Health;
  • And the joy of embracing our freedom, beauty, and worth today.

You can listen or watch right here, find the video on the Vegan Family Kitchen YouTube channel, or listen with your favorite podcast app (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.).

Stay inspired by connecting with Helen:

  • Her lovely newsletter is available for subscription on her website: Helen C. Giles
  • She write on Medium and plans to start sharing videos on YouTube.


“The meal plans make my life so much better. It’s like a little adventure each week, “what am I going to get to cook this week?” And the cooking club adds such a great community to it. I have been plant-based for a long time but didn’t have a community, this is the first time that I’ve had other people who are plant-based around me, and I didn’t realize what joy it was going to be in my life. That’s awesome!” – Helen C. Giles, Vegan Meal Plans subscriber and cooking club member.