What do health and wealth have in common, other than 5 letter? Alison Setton and I, in this conversation, conclude that both health and wealth require some effort to build and maintain, but it’s totally worth it: both reward investors with the fruit of compound benefits over our lifetime.┬áTalking about “adulting” topics like batch cooking and financial planning isn’t going to make us celebrities, but if you stick with those habits with us, you’ll also increase your odds of living a long healthy and wealthy life, giving you the freedom to pursue your passions.

Alison Setton is a former environmental engineer turned licensed financial educator as well as a long-standing subscriber to the Vegan Meal Plans. You are welcome to watch our conversation as a video or listen to it on the Vegan Family Kitchen podcast (audio link below the video). Scroll to the bottom for Alison’s contact information.


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