Welcome to the Better Dinner Institute

Prepare to feed your family really good food.

Here is your last meal plan for the year!

Let’s be candid, I would not normally put a savory pie (tourtière) with a traditional(-ish) crust on the meal plan, but it’s Christmas, and everyone in my extended family loves this dish! (You can add your own favorite gravy if you want, or use the recipe from a previous meal plan, or just enjoy it as-is.) The Sparkling salad and Gingery squash soup will both make great potluck dishes. The other meals are on the simple side and, if you do the weekend prep (or buy some ready-made substitutes) they’ll be ready in a flash.

The meal plan assumes that there is extra food in your kitchen at this time of year and that you may find yourself with leftovers to eat alongside the suggested dishes. If your fridge is bare, make sure to read the “Hungry T-Rex” section on the first page of the meal plan and follow some of the suggestions to feed your clan appropriately.

And don’t forget to claim your rewards once you have done at least a couple of prep steps. The clickable link is included at the end of each week’s prep session instructions.

Questions? Worries? Get help.