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Weeks 51-52

Here comes your last plan for 2023!

About holiday dishes
Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, but most of us partake in some kind of celebration during the second half of December. Thus, this meal plan includes a few dishes that fit well in potlucks and holiday spreads. If you are of the celebratory kind, and using the family plan, you will probably need to change the order of dishes in order to fit your schedule. I suggest that you peek at the Mini Vegan Meal Plan (even if you are feeding a family) for stand-alone versions of the recipes.

After week 52 comes… week 53! (Sometimes.)
Last year I discovered that some years do not have 52 but 53 weeks! To bridge the gap between week 52 and week 1, I created a special meal plan that you can use specifically when… you didn’t plan. This year technically has 52 weeks, but make sure you have a copy of Week 53 at hand for emergencies.

So… what’s on the plan?
Let’s be candid, I would not normally put a savory pie (tourtière) with a traditional(-ish) crust on the meal plan, but it’s the Holidays, and everyone in my extended family loves this dish! (You can add your own favorite gravy if you want, or use the recipe from a previous meal plan, or just enjoy it as-is.) The Sparkling salad and Gingery squash soup will both make great potluck dishes. The other meals are on the simple side and, if you do the weekend prep (or buy some ready-made substitutes) they’ll be ready in a flash.

The meal plan assumes that there is extra food in your kitchen at this time of year and that you may find yourself with leftovers to eat alongside the suggested dishes. If your fridge is bare, make sure to read the “Hungry T-Rex” section on the first page of the meal plan and follow some of the suggestions to feed your clan appropriately.

Don’t forget to claim your rewards once you have done at least a couple of prep steps! Even getting groceries counts. The clickable link is included at the end of each week’s prep session instructions. I choose rewards with care, sharing art and fun things that I love and that I’m sure you’ll enjoy too. (It’s also never too late to claim past rewards!)

Questions? Worries? Get help.