Plant-based with Brigitte Plan & Prep Habit Builder Program Registration

It’s time to get serious about your plant-based eating habits.

What you need is not another tasty-looking recipe.

To eat better dinners,
without spending your life in the kitchen,
you need better habits.

Every evening, at some point, most of us are hungry for dinner.

There is nothing more predictable than this. Yet it seems like half the time (or more!) we are unprepared to feed ourselves properly.

We step into the kitchen at the end of a long, stressful day, asking ourselves: “What will I make for dinner tonight?”

We open the fridge and stare at the contents. It’s quite full, because we bought all that beautiful produce we bought last weekend. Yet, at the same time, it seems like there is nothing to eat in there.

Plant-based Plan and Prep Habit Builder Program Registration

We’d like to retreat to the couch to scroll for #vegandinner inspiration on social media. But if we have ravenous kids and significant others to feed, we still need to hack some kind of dinner, like, now.

So we pull out plan B: processed vegan foods like burgers, nuggets, and cheeze that allow us to quickly reproduce familiar dishes, without having to think about what we’re doing.

Is that the best we can do?

Frozen food aisle

I’m not knocking vegan meats and processed foods. They play a role in helping many omnivores transition to an animal-free diet, and some of those products are really tasty. They’re good to eat once in a while.

But will eating that way every day nourish you and your loved ones?

Does eating that way contribute to your health and happiness, giving you the energy you need to tackle the bigger challenges of your life?

I bet not.

To quickly turn beautiful food from your fridge into delicious and nutritious meals, day after day, even when you are exhausted or stressed out, you need two things:

You need a PLAN.

And you need to PREP.

I am Brigitte, and this is my Vegan Family Kitchen. Here, we don’t sugar-coat things:

Really good food requires some time and effort in the kitchen.

It takes a little bit of money, too, to buy fresh ingredients and pantry staples, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

To feed yourself and your family a diversity of tasty and healthy meals made at home, mostly from scratch, using vegan and plant-based ingredients, it takes some planning and preparation.

But… you shouldn’t spend all day in the kitchen!

A few hours every week suffice to prepare all the food you need, as long as you’ve got a plan. Let’s make one together.

Plan & Prep Habit Builder Program Registration - Stirring the pot

There is a #kitchenboss in you.

Let’s work together on some meal planning and batch cooking habits. Once you’ve built the right routines into your life,

  • you will always know what to eat tonight,
  • and you will always have at least part of your next meal prepared.

When you are hungry and your reserves of willpower and energy are depleted, you shouldn’t be left to make a decision as important as “what’s for dinner?”

There is a time in the week that is more conducive to being calm and collected. That’s when such important choices must be made.

* No more stressful scrambles to put dinner on the table. *

* A practical understanding of the basic canon of plant-based recipes. *

* Confidence in your ability to feed yourself and your loved ones. *

And great family meals.


Join today to begin 2021 with better routines.

Is this for you?

  • You believe that eating more plant-based meals cooked from scratch using whole foods matters.
  • You are committed to taking charge in order to make it happen.
  • You need to stop spending so much time in the kitchen every single day and have a focused approach to cooking instead.

3 months of learning by doing

  • Practice planning, prepping, and cooking dinner based on thoughtfully crafted meal plans;
  • Repeat the same step sequences every week until they become your new routine;
  • Prepare for inevitable challenges and get back on track after missing a week;
  • Reward yourself with fun and simple prizes to keep the habit loop turning;
  • Connect with others who experience the same challenges and celebrate each others’ wins.

** Take advantage of special launch pricing! **

Brigitte Gemme

Who’s Brigitte?

I’ve always loved eating and cooking, but when I started cooking vegan dinner every night in 2013 I was quickly overwhelmed. There was so much to juggle in my poor sleep-deprived brain (my daughter was not even 2 and loved waking up at night!). The food had to be tasty so my omnivorous husband wouldn’t notice it was vegan, but I was also worried about nutrition, for our child as much as for ourselves since we are quite active. And I didn’t want to spend my whole day in the kitchen.

You have to know about me that I am not a dietitian or nutritionist. I am a PhD-certified sociologist and, up to 2015, I worked professionally in the management of academic research projects in education and clean energy. By the time my second child was born, I had grown really impatient: we already knew a lot about how to curtail climate change and reduce harm to humans and animals, how come were we not applying more of that knowledge? “It’s complicated,” of course, but one big part of the problem is that changing our habits is hard. I decided to use what I knew about human behavior in combination with my planning skills to design programs and services that would make it easier for more people to stop supporting animal agriculture and eat more plants instead.

After running the Vegan Family Meal Plans for three years, it became clear to me that not everyone can just jump on the meal plan & prep train and stay on for months at a time. The new program, the Plan & Prep Habit Builder, is the boost many need to adopt and maintain their new weekly routines of vegan meal planning and batch cooking. 

Grab my hand and hop on! 

Q U E S T I O N S ?

Do I need to be 100% vegan to join this program?

100% of the food in the meal plans is vegan, but many of my clients aren’t! Everyone who follows my meal plans eats a lot of plant-based whole foods, and that’s a win-win-win! The Plan & Prep Habit Builder Program enables you to plan to cook more plants and to be prepared with some advance cooking so you never end up eating lesser meals.

Those who are already vegan may particularly enjoy how planning and advance prep helps them cut back on processed foods, while saving them from spending their entire days in the kitchen.

How many people will the meal plans feed?

The meal plans are meant to feed 2 to 5 people, depending on ages and appetites. An athletic couple with high metabolisms may find themselves going through all the food without assistance, while two parents and three children under 5 may find themselves with leftovers for lunch. Every meal plan includes suggestions for feeding “hungry t-rexes” and all recipes are designed to be tweaked to increase quantities as your household expands or shrinks.

Do I have to use the suggested meal plans? 

I think the meal plans are pretty awesome, but you may want to customize them to fit your specific requirements, an unusual schedule, or dietary requirements. At the beginning, depending on your skill level, I’ll also recommend that you only choose to do some of the suggested prep to ease into it. If you feel that you may need a bit of extra support, sign up for the PLUS option that includes two 30-minute coaching calls with Brigitte to help you start right, right now, and stick with the habit with less effort.

What’s in the meal plans?

Meal plans are delivered every two weeks. Each one includes: 10 dinners (5 per week) and corresponding recipes, shopping list organized by section, prep plans you can follow to be most efficient with your time, and easy day-to-day instructions you can follow even when you’re depleted from a big day.

I’m super busy. Will this work for me?

That’s the entire point of the program: using excellent meal plans and following cleverly designed prep session plans in order to make the most of your time in the kitchen. Yes, you’ll have to cook, but when you do it in an organized and focused way, you get so much more (and better!) food in a lot less time. However, if you aren’t willing to spend more than 15 minutes per day in the kitchen in total, this is not a program for you. Expect to spend 1-3 hours on the weekend plus 15-30 minutes every night, in addition to shopping for groceries. For the duration of the program, I’ll also recommend some extra “homework” that will make it more likely that you build durable habits – but nothing that takes more than 5-10 minutes per week.

Sunday mornings (American Pacific time) seem to work for most, across time zones. As needed, I will add a mid-week meeting time to accommodate those with different schedules.

I’m already a batch cooking wizard, but I’d like to just get your meal plans so I don’t have to decide what’s for dinner. Is that possible?

Of course! You can subscribe to the Vegan Family Meal Plans without joining the 3-month program.

There are picky eaters at my table. Will this work for us?

I feel you! My kids aren’t especially open-minded either. While this is not program specifically designed to improve hyper-selective eating behavior, I always provide tips to help your loved ones get acquainted with new foods and also make many suggestions for substitutions. In addition, all meals can be decomposed into their components to make it easier for picky eaters to approach dinner on their own terms.

My partner and/or big kids share the cooking chores, can this help?

You’ll enjoy one of the sweet features of the plan: the breakdown between weekend do-ahead steps and night-of instructions for putting dinner on the table. Some of my clients do the prep on the weekend while another household member does the last-minute cooking and assembly for at least some of the dinners. Better than getting your teenagers to heat up vegan nuggets. 

All my programs and services are covered by a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find yourself disliking the program material and meal plans, send me an email and I will issue a refund. Different strokes for different folks! But please do give me (constructive) feedback, I really appreciate it.

I have other questions or concerns.

Send me an email or click the green chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. I’ll be right with you! 

Important health notice

The meal plans dinner recommendations are created with convenience, taste, and nutrition in mind. They do not constitute health advice and can only be considered one piece of your nutritional puzzle. If you require more specific health advice due to any specific health condition or circumstances, please consult a registered dietitian in conjunction with your family physician.

Another reason to feel good about working with me

The price of every Vegan Family Kitchen program and service includes a 10% donation to organizations that support a strive for a clean and kind planet for all. For example, past donations were made to Sea Shepherd, Education for Nature – Vietnam, Animal Justice, DOGWAB, Mercy for Animals, and more. Every time you work with me, you can feel good about supporting a tiny mom-owned business and contributing to world peace.