The Plan & Prep Habit Builder PLUS Program (payment page)

The PLUS program includes:

  • Habit Builder Jumpstart Guide
  • Bi-weekly meal plan PDFs, with each 2-week plan covering 10 dinners chosen to maximize flavor and nutrition while minimizing food waste and cooking time. Includes: shopping list, recipes, day-to-day instructions, list of do-ahead steps, substitution tips, and more.
  • Motivational emails that deliver a compassionate but firm kick in the pants just when you need it.
  • Monthly group coaching calls held live on Zoom for accountability and additional support.
  • SURPRISE REWARDS only available to those who put in the cooking work, helping reinforce the meal plan and prep habit loop.
  • and two 30-minute coaching calls with Brigitte to get you started right, right now.

Recommended for those seeking to decrease their use of animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) and/or vegan processed foods. Cooks who can follow recipes, but struggle with choosing what to make for dinner or plan ahead, or end up spending their whole day in the kitchen, will make the most of the program. The PLUS option is perfect for those who feel completely overwhelmed with their meal planning and prep efforts, and/or who have tried before and fallen off the wagon too many times, and/or struggle with special schedules or dietary requirements.

All program fees in US dollars. 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Your registration fees include a 10% donation to an environmental or animal right organization.