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Weeks 41 and 42 – Mid-October

Leaves are blowing, chilly winds call for warm scarves, and the tiniest, cutest little cabbages are appearing in the produce aisle. Add a touch of maple syrup and enjoy! I think you’ll love this meal plan.


  • Let’s talk about BEETS. Apparently there are people in the world who do not like them. Can you believe that? I think in some cases it’s people who haven’t given roasted beets a chance (or who haven’t brushed them well-enough, or forgot to peel them). I have to say, once I went to a juice bar and order a drink with beet in it. The whole thing tasted of dirt and I had to toss it. Pretty sure they didn’t peel it! So I *know* it can happen, but really it doesn’t have to. If your past experiences with beets have been less-than-stellar, consider giving them another chance today. They are sooo good. And even better when cooked without foil – easy! This being said, if you genuinely do not enjoy beets, we can still be friends. Just substitute yam (orange sweet potatoes). Peeling is optional with those (but a solid brush is not).
  • The Fall Minestrone recipe will make enough for dinner (depending on your family’s appetites of course) and possibly for lunches too. Use your judgement and adjust quantities as needed. The risotto recipe could be increased to adapt to hungry family members or extra risotto cakes for lunches.
  • The Cheesy Sauce (family plan only) is quite healthy compared to most variants you’ll find out there, thanks to all the cauliflower and beans added. If you struggle with dinner guests who are weary of healthy sauces, perhaps reduce the cauliflower and increase the cashews…
  • Never whacked a pomegranate before? It’s fun and quick! Watch this video.

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