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Vegan Meal Plans for early-April – Weeks 13 & 14

Not that I encourage competition or anything, but after you download and print this you will be WAY ahead of everybody else who soon will struggle to decide what to feed their family next week.

Are things a little bit hectic in your life right now? Could you use some simple cooking for the next couple of weeks? I’ve got your back.


  • I often make produce choices based what’s on sale in US and Canadian grocery stores. Broccoli and mango were topping the discount charts, which indicates that both are plentiful and should be inexpensive for most of my Northern-hemisphere subscribers. Remember that, in most cases, you can switch the veggies around without ill-effect.
  • I also picked cauliflower, on which there are good deals to be had right now. It appears as cauliflower rice and also blended into a luscious creamy sauce. If it is crazy expensive in your area, or cauliflower rice isn’t your thing, you can always use regular rice instead and a big potato in the sauce. Remember that recipes are tools, not rules.
  • Speaking of potatoes, my husband and I LOVE gnocchi. We just can’t make up our mind about whether or not we find it filling enough. Sometimes we look at the portion on our plates thinking: “it’s way too little!” but then we have that round-belly feeling after just one bowl. Other times, we’d like to go for seconds and thirds but… the packages are so small, there’s none left. That’s why I recommend using (at least) 2 packages. If you do have a hungry t-rex at your table be prepared with a hearty side salad. (Maybe make extra of that Broccoli black bean salad and set it aside for gnocchi night.)


  • I debated giving you guys the seitan recipe to make and then I thought: they’re grown up enough, I know they can do this! It’s really not hard (and that dough is jiggly in a really funny way). You’ll feel proud of yourself for taking the mystery out of vegan meat making.

Questions? Worries? Get help.