If you can find one hour to for meal prep / batch cooking at any time in the week, you can prepare really good food you will enjoy throughout the week. It won’t be perfect, but it will provide you with a solid base for meals that improve your nutrition and enjoyment of food, while decreasing your stress.

This is a desk-based workshop: I won’t actually be cooking. This is about the thinking part of cooking. I will guide you to create a realistic plan for minimalist meal prep that you can implement right away. Watch this workshop Wednesday, cook a little on Saturday or Sunday, and start seeing the benefits next week!


I will teach:

  • The basic components of a tasty and nutritious, balanced vegan meal
  • How to decouple cooking and eating, so you can cook at a time that is more convenient for you
  • Typical examples of minimalist meal prep plans that can help you eat better on weeknights

I would LOVE to have YOU there so we can tweak those standard prep plans to suit YOUR needs, whether you are constrained by time, allergies/intolerances, or highly-selective eaters.

Vegan Meal Plan subscribers have access to the replay for free in the “lessons” section of the subscriber page.