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You know it: vegan meal prep is what you have to do to enjoy delicious and nutritious plant-based meals made mostly with whole foods on a day-to-day basis.

In principle, it sounds like a fantastic idea: plan meals Friday night, get groceries Saturday, and spend Sunday morning cooking up a storm so that your fridge is filled with delicious soups, stews, sauces, and roasted things for the week ahead. You did it… once.

It was great to have all those prepared meals, but you also made a big mess in the kitchen and the trauma kept you from properly cleaning up for the following three days. You’re back to your regular cooking rut, following a rough routine of similar meals that you repeat from week to week. Or maybe you scramble every night to follow the steps of assorted recipes from your favorite bloggers. 

If that works for you, perfect! Keep it up. But if you find those approaches stressful, or if you feel that you need more diversity on your plate, let’s try something else:

Reasons to do a vegan meal prep challenge

Why not join a vegan meal prep challenge? 

The Planned & Plant-based Challenge combines both vegan meal planning and vegan meal prep. What’s in there:

  • A carefully curated collection of recipes meant to taste great even when they are (at least in part) prepared in advance. 
  • Meals that build onto each other and use common ingredients so the (included) shopping list isn’t all over the map. 
  • A clever prep plan that puts the cooking steps in the right order to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen cooking and cleaning
  • Motivating emails to get your butt into cooking gear.
  • Cook-along videos (sometimes live!) for those who like to see how it’s done, or give you company while you cook! 

Running the Planned & Plant-based vegan meal prep challenge is one of my most satisfying parts of the year in the Vegan Family Kitchen… and it might be the start of a better kitchen life for you. 

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Reasons why you should do a vegan meal prep challenge

1. You know weekend prep really can take your vegan plant-based diet to the next level, but you’ve never tried it before. Now’s your chance! I’m here to support you. 

2. It’s just an experiment, and just for one week. If it turns out weekend prep is not for you, you can just go back to flying by the bottom of your pan(t)s. (Here are some guidelines to improvise a balanced vegan meal. It’ll help.)

Reasons to do a vegan meal prep challenge

3. You’ll learn how to make risotto in the oven. It turns out you don’t need to be stirring the whole time! While the risotto’s baking, you can cook something else. 

4. Eating healthy can seem like a chore when you’re tired. Put your best, rested self in charge of cooking to keep whole foods plant-based meals coming! 

5. If you have my Rustic Bean Soup in the fridge, you’ll have a ready-made meal one night… and plenty of lunches, too! 

6. Reducing food waste is easy when you follow a meal plan with organized shopping list. 

Reasons to do a vegan meal prep challenge

Waste not! Buy only the produce you need.

7. Saving money is even easier when there’s ready-made food in the fridge: no excuse to order take-out! 

8. Cleanup is quicker when you batch cook.

9. You tried weekend meal prep before, but didn’t stick to the habit. This time, you’ll learn more about why that happens, and learn tricks to hop back on after falling off. 

10. Prepping your sauces and dressings on the weekend makes weeknight cooking super quick… and the Planned & Plant-based challenge plan puts the steps in the right order to cut back on the time you’ll spend cleaning up.

Hello Sandy, thank you for your message and... merry (early) Christmas!  I'm thrilled that you are trusting me to decide what's for dinner for you and your family.  It looks like you have signed up for the quarterly plan, which is billed $38 every 3 months. (After 5 payments, you "graduate" and get free access forever.) The downside of the quarterly plan, other than being a little more expensive in the end, compared to the yearly is that you do not have access to the complete library of meal plans, just the current one.  If you would like to do that, just go here to subscribe to the yearly plan and I will cancel your quarterly immediately: Because the charge is probably still "pending" on your credit card at the moment it should make the refund process quicker (if I wait, it can take 5-10 days I think).  Can't wait to cook with you!  Brigitte

11. The coco-peanut sauce is a subscriber favorite. 

12. You won’t have to come up with an answer to “What’s for dinner?” when you’re hangry. That alone is worth taking the challenge. 

13. Cooking with others makes work a breeze. Invite a few friends to your (zoom) kitchen or join the challenge’s online cook-along session with Brigitte. 

reasons to do a vegan meal prep challenge

14. Pizza is part of the vegan meal prep challenge plan. ‘Nuff said. (You’re just about to find out that making pizza is way easier than you think.)

15. It’s free! What do you have to lose? 

Join the free Planned & Plant-based challenge today,
enjoy better dinners every night next week.

(and better lunches, too, I bet!)

Special thanks to Dani Behnod for the photographs of the Planned & Plant-based dishes.