Congrats on getting your weekend prep done.

For your reward this week, the Vegan Family Kitchen’s parent company (Low Impact Lab) will donate $5 to the charity of your choice, benefiting humans or animals in need, or the planet. My only request is that you make it a charity that doesn’t contradict the mission of the Vegan Family Kitchen. (Please: no political parties or PACs, and no religious organizations.)

Please make sure to use the email address from your Vegan Family Meal Plan subscription so I can recognize you, and include a direct link to the charity you wish me to donate to. One donation max per subscriber per year.

I will reply to your comment when the donation has been completed.

Thanks for cooking! 



    • Brigitte

      Done! Thank you Elizabeth for doing your prep and claiming your reward. Keep on cookin’.

    • Brigitte

      Done! Love this. Thanks for sharing Jocelyn!

  1. Katie-Marie Parsons

    I am happy for you to make a choice on my behalf – thank you!

  2. Sophie

    And here is a link to see three of the cute baby seals they just rescued.

    I used to walk in the sea (along the beach) with a few friends, here in Calais. We call this activity “longe-côte”. In these occasions, we’ve met seals quite a few times. They often interacted with us, making fun of us, which is pure magic. A friend of mine and I drove a hurt seal to them a few years ago.
    Unfortunately, as the mothers feed their babies on the beach, some can be scared by humans and leave their baby behind out of panic. This is where the LPA can help, they rescue the babies so they can reconnect with their families once strong enough.
    They have also rescued baby seaguls on my roof: the nest was about to fall !

    Of course, this is not the only things they do, as you can imagine. 🙂

    Thank you for this wonderful idea you’ve had here !!!

    • Brigitte

      This is fantastic, thanks for sharing Sophie! We do have the same situation with baby seals in Vancouver, I totally know what you are talking about. I will make a donation on your behalf immediately. Happy cooking!

    • Brigitte

      Thank you for cooking! Donation done – love this.

    • Brigitte

      DONE! Love the kitties. Thank you for cooking plants and for claiming your rewards. 🙂

    • Brigitte

      p.s. Such a cool charity!!

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