Time to freshen up your kitchen!

Join the Vegan Pantry Challenge.
Have you accumulated multiple bags of flour and grains from those winter baking projects?

Is your freezer packed with stews and soups that you won’t want to eat once summer salads is here?

How many different kinds of chili powder do you really need?

Would you like to save money by skipping grocery shopping for a couple of weeks?

When you join the Vegan Pantry Challenge, you get a free template kit to print out PLUS a mini-course by email to help you make the most of your food inventory.

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  1. a commitment to feed yourself and your family meals based only on ingredients you already have at home. I signed up for a pantry challenge to draw down on my bottomless bag of rice.
  2. a period of time when you save money by not shopping for groceries, choosing instead to consume the food you paid for weeks or months ago. My husband was really happy we saved $150 by not shopping for groceries during the pantry challenge.
  3. an opportunity to check your cupboards for spoiled food, preventing pest infestations. When I cleaned my pantry before the challenge I found a bag of crackers with pantry moths! Thankfully I was able to nip the infestation in the bud before they spread.
  4. a creative outlet for kids who like to “help” in the kitchen. My son and I did some chemistry experiments while baking breads and cakes during the pantry challenge.

Save money

The average family spends over $150 on groceries every week. 40% of the food we buy is wasted at home. Ridiculous, no? Eating from the pantry for two weeks allows you to “rescue” pricey ingredients while they are still good to eat and get better at cutting food waste in general.

Rediscover ingredients

Is your top shelf hiding a big bag of dried apricots from last fall’s farmers’ market? What about that jar of roasted red peppers you planned to put on pizza back in January? Now or never is their best time to shine! Put them next week’s meal plan.

Get a fresh start!

I’m not suggesting that your produce drawer is dirty or anything, but are you really going to eat that bunch of wilted cilantro? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Chances are there are frost burns on some of the meals in your freezer, too. Focus your spring cleaning energies where it matters most: your kitchen.

Hi! I’m Brigitte Gemme, kitchen boss and Chief Meal Planner at the Vegan Family Kitchen. I am also a bit of a nerd when it comes to project management and getting organized. Keeping your pantry fresh and up to date is top-3 way to save money and cut back on headaches in the kitchen. (In case you wonder, the other two are meal planning and food prep.) Since I created the Vegan Pantry Challenge, I have helped hundreds of other home cooks make the most of their food inventory… and possibly prevented scores of pantry moth infestations! You are welcome to join today – it’s totally free.

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