Pantry cooking recipes for V-COP 9 workshop participants

Hi! It was a pleasure meeting you today at my “Improvise balanced vegan meals and stop food waste” workshop, part of the Vegan Convergence of the Peoples #9.

I would love to share some pantry cooking recipes with you. I created this set of 10 recipes for my Vegan Meal Plan clients, so they can quickly pull together a balanced mealĀ  that’s tasty and nutritious even when they haven’t done any meal prep that week. If you think that would be helpful to you, enter your email address below and I will send it to you (free of charge).

Download your Plant-based Pantry Cooking mini cookbook

Once that’s done, I encourage you to visit my Healthy vegan and plant-based tool kit for organized people who cook at home. (If you’re not organized yet, that’s ok, I can help.)

You can also learn more about my product and services:

Keep on cooking!