From kitchen chaos to regular meal prep in 4 weeks

This habit will change your life.

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Vegan Batch Cooking Challenge – Spring 2019 – Launch

Do you scramble to put dinner – any dinner – on the table on weeknights?

Do you end up serving processed food or ordering take-out more often than you’d like?


Don’t feel bad. The vast majority of families are just the same.

Which doesn’t mean that you should settle for sub-par meals and excess stress.

If you want to eat more home-cooked vegan food made from scratch (without spending your life in the kitchen), you probably already know what you need to do:

meal prep sessions and batch cooking.


Maybe you have done it before, then things got extra busy and you fell off the prep wagon. That’s ok.

Maybe you’ve never done it and you don’t know where to start. This challenge will help you get started!


You will start small and grow your prep skills (and food stash!) every week until you are ready for a full-fledged prep session.

What’s in a challenge?

  • Prep-friendly plant-based recipes sent to your email inbox every Wednesday for 4 weeks
  • Prep plan and shopping list included
  • Meal Prep Sundays: Live cooking on Facebook demonstrating the week’s recipes (replays available) – just follow along!
  • The accountability of a small group of like-minded home cooks


Your Quick Start Guide to Vegan Meal Prep & Batch Cooking

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