Everyday recipe-free cooking clinic

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One hour plant-based cooking clinic with Brigitte in her Zoom kitchen.

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Do you purchase beautiful vegetables… only to see them wilt then rot in your fridge because you didn’t get your act together to cook them?

Do you find yourself at 6 pm standing in front of a fridge full of fresh ingredients contemplating your options… but end up eating pasta with jarred tomato sauce for the 10th time this month?

In this one-on-one cooking clinic, we will practice creating a tasty and nutritious meal from ingredients you have in the fridge or pantry… without needing to search for a recipe. 

“I was really most impressed with your ability to use what ingredients I had at-hand to make 3 beautiful dishes! I typically go from reviewing the contents of my fridge to my cookbook shelf – to look up recipes that might use the ingredients I have. This new approach (no recipe) is a revelation!” – Christina K.

Vegan grocery list - Vegetables - Cruciferous

“The cooking clinic was a big boost to my confidence and increased my skill level and knowledge base in many ways. I tend to over-complicate things and would not have thought such a simple plan would have been successful. I now feel I can go into the kitchen and pull a dish together from what’s on hand without a recipe.” – Barbara B.

How it works

  1. Click “buy now” above and complete payment steps.
  2. Within 24 hours, I will send you a calendar link to book your clinic.
  3. Once your clinic is confirmed, I will send you some questions and instructions so you can prepare, plus a Zoom link.
  4. At the scheduled day and time, we will cook together (virtually via Zoom). I will guide you through the steps to improvise a dish or two based on the ingredients you have, and demonstrate time-saving techniques as we go.
  5. When we’re done, you get to eat the yummy food you cooked up!

Frequently asked questions

I am new to plant-based cooking, can I still benefit from this cooking clinic?
Yes! My goal is to take the mystery out of plant-based cooking so anyone can cook up a healthy and tasty meal for themselves. I adapt the level of difficulty to your skill and knowledge level so you’ll learn something without feeling overwhelmed.

We have allergies/special diets, can you accommodate us?
Absolutely! The point of this cooking clinic is to adapt to your specific requirements using ingredients you have at hand.

When are the clinics held?
I have times available on weekdays and weekends. I’m sure we’ll find a time that works for both of us. If we can’t schedule a session within one month, I will refund you for the cost of the clinic.

Will this cooking clinic turn my kitchen into an award-winning vegan restaurant?
No. The goal is to build your confidence in preparing everyday plant-based dishes that taste good and nourish your body and soul.

Other questions?
Just email me and let’s chat!

Ready to sign up? Scroll back to the top, click “buy”, and proceed to your cart to reserve your cooking clinic with me. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a calendar link so we can get together soon in my Zoom kitchen. 

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