How to deal with having to go down to the air raid shelter in the midst of cooking dinner? Is there even something that’s good to eat when you are under threat of bombing? And how can we make cooking and eating a more meaningful experience, even under a prolonged state of emergency such as war? In this can’t-miss episode of the Vegan Family Kitchen podcast, I am honored to talk about all this – and more – with Oksana Spoliak, a Ukrainian food blogger who lives in Lviv.

Oksana Spoliak is a Ukrainian who rediscovered her love of food, bringing together efficiency and creativity in preparing healthy meals. She values mindFOODness and, despite the invasion, continues to share her love to cooking in her food blog as well as within her community. Even in hard times of disastrous war in her home country, cooking is the activity that helps her feel grounded and enjoy the present moment as well as help others eat healthy.

You can listen to or watch the conversation below, or catch it on your favorite podcast platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

Those who speak (or are curious about) Ukrainian will love her videos on YouTube and want to connect with her on Instagram. Don’t miss her upcoming program and events! Oksana also invites everyone to support her Ukrainian charity of choice, Come Back Alive. She also keeps this list of resources up to date: What you can do to help Ukraine now.