I haven’t started meal planning or meal prepping.

Despite your best intentions, you haven’t started meal planning, or doing meal prep sessions on the weekend… or you do it only once in a while, and you wish you did it more.

That’s OK, I get it.

Please, oh please, do not feel guilty about it. Our lives are so full and you are definitely not alone: just finding the time to get organized to save time is a challenge. Crazy, no?

I am working on a couple of new resources to make it easier to stick with meal planning and meal prep sessions, and eat more delicious vegan meals cooked from scratch at home. Some of those resources will be free. Others will be upgrades to the Vegan Family Meal Plan subscription service.

Stay tuned – I’ll make sure you are the first to find out! And thanks for sharing with me. You can also email me to share your story or ask for help. I am always happy to do what I can.

In the meantime, you can return to the blog.