In this episode of the Vegan Family Kitchen podcast, I sit down with Dr. Jules Cormier, a family physician, plant-based nutrition advocate, and ninja sports athlete who shares his inspiring story of transformation, healing, and performance.

In his 20s, Dr. Cormier suffered from cholinergic angioedema, a severe condition that caused anaphylactic-like symptoms and swelling when exercising. After a flare-up that sent him to the hospital (as a patient!), he was encouraged to try cutting out dairy to manage his symptoms… and it worked! Soon, he adopted a fully plant-based diet and hasn’t had an episode since.

With over a decade of experience as a plant-based doctor, Dr. Cormier shares his journey and the benefits of plant-based nutrition in treating and preventing various health conditions. His approach has caught on among his colleagues. In the interview, we discuss how he integrates plant-based nutrition in his practice when appropriate, and the power of small changes to make a big difference.

We also chatted about his passion for fitness and his discovery of ninja sports. Last year, he even qualified for the World Ninja Championships in Las Vegas, where he was pleased to compete without fear of an adverse reaction.

Listen in here or on your favorite podcast platform or watch below and be inspired! Then make sure to connect with Dr. Cormier on his website Plant-Based Dr. Jules and stay tuned to learn more about his upcoming course.