Many believe that vegan travel and living in Japan is quite challenging… and they are not completely wrong! The country is doing many things right when it comes to sustainability, starting with phenomenal public transportation and energy-efficient small-space living, but what about getting plant-based meals? Thankfully, there are now many resources to help plant-based eaters navigate the country’s food options, and the tourism industry is increasingly aware of the importance of offering more sustainable and compassionate options. Today’s guest on the Vegan Family Kitchen Podcast, Joy Jarman-Walsh, is one of the forces behind Japan’s sustainable travel improvements.

When my family traveled to Japan in March 2024, we had the good luck of encountering Joy, a.k.a. JJ Walsh, as a tour guide in Hiroshima. First, she helped us see and understand the history of the city and the legacy of the A-bomb. Then, as a long-time vegan, she guided us to an excellent plant-based meals and offered great tips to facilitate our travels! I was thrilled that she accepted to come on my podcast to discuss eco-conscious eating, living, and travel in Japan.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Joy’s journey in discovering that it was possible to be vegan: How did personal and familial influences shape her food choices in Japan? What challenges did she face and how did she overcome them?
  2. Sustainability in Japanese tourism: What are the current trends and challenges in promoting sustainable travel within Japan? How does Japan’s approach to sustainability compare to global practices?
  3. Cultural insights on eating habits: How does traditional Japanese culture influence current vegan and vegetarian options? What changes are needed to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle in Japan?

Curious to learn how you can adopt more sustainable travel practices and enjoy plant-based eating while exploring Japan? Tune in to gain valuable insights from Joy’s extensive experience and innovative approaches to promoting sustainability and health through her work and daily life. Don’t forget to subscribe for more discussions on healthy living, sustainability, and mindful travel!

Connect with Joy

Catch her show on YouTube: @seeksustainablejapan  and on your favorite podcast platform
To book a tour of Hiroshima, feel free to connect with her on social media or book on Tours By Locals
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