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Planned & Plant-based: 15 reasons to do a vegan meal prep challenge

Coco-peanut noodles for a quick Friday night vegan dish

Affordable course on meal planning and batch cooking for new plant-based eaters (including basic nutrition info): the 5,000-Meal Solution

Planned and Plant-based one-week plan including recipes, shopping list, and prep plan

Vegan Family Meal Plans: the service that frees you from “What’s for dinner?” for only $2 per week

New blog post: Zero-waste cooking for vegans – what we do and what we don’t

How to involve kids in cooking at all ages – A guest post by Janelle Leclair of Peaceful Easy Vegan Nutrition, plus lots of great recipes for your young chefs

How to start batch cooking (with 20 vegan batch cooking recipes!)

Vegan Batch Cooking Challenge

How to eat less meat and more plants: try Vegan After 6

How to cook everything faster: learn basic knife skills (how to dice onions, carrots and other vegetables that roll)

How to wash dishes faster

Vegan pantry challenge

How to eat more greens and cruciferous vegetables

Vancouver Eat your greens! event

Vegan meal prep challenge

Meal plans

Healthy vegan ice pops with DHA omega-3s!

Vegan dads who cook

Vegan meal plan template for summer

Vote for me in’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers

Vegan cooking for beginners

Vegan nutrition boosters

What to do when your husband doesn’t want to raise the kids vegan

Prevent pantry moth infestations

Holistic nutritional consultant and plant-based mom Laura Ashbaugh

Mom’s gone vegan… what will the rest of the family do now?

Vegan Meal Plan Template for Spring Greens