“I’ve always hated cooking,” wrote Gemma McFall in her newsletter to her coaching clients. In a desperation-driven Google search session, she somehow stumbled upon my Vegan Meal Plans and was able to turn her kitchen situation around. How did that happen?

Gemma says: “Because I’m now cooking using my natural strengths. When we use our strengths every day we feel stronger, we go into a state of flow, get less stress, less pain and more moments of joy.” Isn’t that awesome? With the meal plans in hand, she is now able to use her strengths as a learner who loves routines and systems, and give her “achiever” self a pat in the back by “ticking boxes and getting things done.”

I giggled when I read that because I really love putting a checklist next to a task on my to-do list, too.

Gemma’s story made me realize how useful it is to know oneself – and the kinds of tools that leverage our strengths – not just to foster professional happiness but also to cultivate serenity in the kitchen. The Vegan Meal Plans are a tool I created first for myself, and it’s been a game changer for many people (like Gemma), but it’s not a magic pill for everyone! There are some people for whom the meal plans would not be a great fit, while others will be empowered by cooking with me as their guide.

I invited Gemma to share her experience with my podcast listeners. We talked not only about her plant-based cooking journey but also about her experience with debilitating chronic pain, feeding her family of four while living as expatriates, and her practice as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

If you would like to learn more about Gemma’s work with women who deal with chronic pain, visit her web site: Gemma McFall.

To see if the Vegan Meal Plans might be a good fit forĀ your strengths, download the Planned & Plant-based challenge guide for a 5-day dinner plan, or check out my many free templates.