If you’re the person in charge of cooking in your household, does a week long trip at a countryside cottage really count as vacation? Yes, sitting by the lake reading a book while kids frolic at the edge of the water without breaking into fights sounds wonderful. But the hard truth is that, even at the cottage, people need to eat. So someone’s going to have to decide “what’s for dinner?” (and lunch, and breakfast…). That someone is you. Unless you print out this simple one-week vegan meal plan designed specifically for your one-week trip to the cottage.

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I built this simple one-week vegan meal plan to guide you through planning your big grocery shopping trip, whether before you leave or as you arrive closer to your destination. It would work at home, too!

The plan is built following a few principles:

Keep it simple

You aren’t going to the cottage for a gastronomic experience. You’re going there to relax. So keep your meals simple! For each meal, choose one vegetable to highlight, add a complex carbohydrate and some protein-dense foods, season with a prepare mix of spices, and serve with fresh greens. Now’s not the time to show-off your mad Julienne chopping skills. This simple one-week vegan meal plan will have you focusing on simple plant-based meals that make your packing and unpacking less stressful.

Simple one-week vegan meal plan for the cottage

There is no room for your air fryer here. Keep it simple.

No recipes or cookbooks

Are you seriously going to pull out your phone or tablet to look up a recipe? “But I just want to make sure I’ve got the right oven temperature!” I don’t buy it. Put that device away! You know how to cook basic grains, roast vegetables, and make a basic bowl, salad, soup, or stew. (If you have no clue, review this article about improvising basic meals first.) Trust your instinct and stay unplugged. Just print out and bring the simple one-week vegan meal plan. It offers just enough guidance to jog your memory without keeping you hooked on exact measurements or ingredients. Be creative!

Embrace local

If your cottage is located near a small town, make sure to check out the local farmers’ market and natural foods stores to discover vegan gems. Vegan artisan cheesemakers, seitan artists, cholatiers, and fermenting experts are everywhere. They’ll be far more grateful for your business than Walmart and Target. Gourmet vegan creations will round up any meal nicely. Sample the goods and choose a few to take home…

Of course, you should also make a point of seeking local produce. If you’re lucky, you might find a roadside stand selling fresh apricots or shelling peas. It doesn’t matter what the meal plan says – use those!

Simple one-week vegan meal plan for the cottage

Don’t resist buying those fresh local berries. You’ll regret it.

Focus on whole foods

Vegan delicacies aside, this simple one-week vegan meal plan for your cottage vacation focuses on basic whole foods, like grains and pseudo-grains, peas and beans, and fresh vegetables. You can’t go wrong with those! Keeping meals wholesome on most days will balance your small ready-made indulgences

No fancy equipment

Who knows what you’ll find in the cupboards of that vacation rental! Base your meal planning on the premise of a super simple kitchen with just a few pots and pans. I won’t throw you the first stone if you pack your Instant Pot (it’s great to steam corn on the cob!), but definitely leave the food processor at home.

Simple one-week vegan meal plan for the cottage

Bring your own knife and cutting board.

I do however strongly recommend bringing your own knife and cutting board. The knives at vacation rentals are always dull, and country hospitals don’t always have plastic surgeons ready to reattach the tip of your thumb. Wrap your knife in a tea towel from home and leave the towel somewhere you’ll see it before leaving as a reminder to pack back the knife.

Simple one-week vegan meal plan for the cottage

Discover local vegan artisan food makers. Their gourmet vegan cheeses, seitans, pies, and more will nicely round up your meals.

(Some) Prepared food is fine

Hand-made whole foods plant-based burger patties are awesome… but there is no way I am getting into¬†that on vacation. Instead, I might look for some big portobello mushrooms I can roast into burger “meat”… but ready-made vegan burgers will be perfect on the grill, too. You might be lucky to find a local vegan butcher with amazing burgers, too! That’s not for every single night of your week at the cottage… but once won’t hurt.

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