Please check your email right away to confirm your desire to participate in the next Vegan Batch Cooking Challenge! Although the Spring 2019 Challenge has already started, you can still get the quick start guide and join the group to get inspired.

You should have an email from Brigitte at the Vegan Family Kitchen in there. If it’s not in your inbox, it will be in your promotions or spam folder. I like to spend some time with my family so I have a robot send emails for me sometimes… but unfortunately some of them end up in the wrong ‘box. Please kindly dig the message out and confirm that you actually want to join the challenge.

Otherwise, I will never know you even wanted to.

And I won’t be able to send you your Vegan Batch Cooking Kit.

Or the super-duper useful four Vegan Batch Cooking Plans that are part of the challenge.

So please, please go and have a look at your inbox (and the other boxes where emails get sorted…) to confirm.

Your life depends on it. Really! Well, kind of. You can live on processed food from a box, but not forever.

When you’re done, you can come back here and explore all the good stuff my blog has to offer.

Looking forward to seeing you in the kitchen,