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Your Vegan Meal Plans for weeks 45 and 46 – early-November

Can you smell the roasting vegetables? Not yet? It’s coming!

I think the shorter days and the prospect of night falling an hour earlier after we turn back the clocks this weekend are starting to get to me. Fight the Fall blues! Let’s get the slow simmered dishes going to warm up our kitchens and souls!


  • Don’t be intimidated by the 8 steps of Week 45 prep session. You will need a couple of pots going at the same time, but it will be less taxing than you think. This being said, you can cook the bolo sauce or the veg curry in the slow cooker instead. To maximize flavour, you could add an extra onion to the sofrito and use some of that to get the curry going, too. The up side is that week 46 prep session is very quick.
  • Speaking of the sofrito – or mirepoix as French (and Belgian!) people prefer to say – it’s the key to flavorful stewed dishes. Cooking the onion for 10, 15 or 20 minutes, along with some carrots and celery, plus garlic of course, will enhance any dish. By making a big batch of sofrito on the weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy extra-tasty (yet quick) mid-week slow cooker dishes.


  • Of course you could buy ready-made hummus from the store… but making it at home is very satisfying, and can be done without all the olive oil. The secret is not to forget about those ice cubes. Weird, but works the hummus into an amazingly fluffy spread!

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