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Every meal plan is like another baby to me, but this one is special for some reason. I just love the Fall flavors and that pumpkin gravy…. so delicious! You are up for 10 easy dinners thanks to your weekend prep sessions on the weekend.


  • You may like to double up on those vegan meatballs (“neatballs”) if you have some hungry people at your table. They are delicious with a great texture and bite to them, and will disappear quickly. (The recipe makes 25-40 neatballs for 2 meals.) Proceed in batches though.
  • Pumpkin gravy… who knew? Don’t skip the roasted squash in this super simple recipe. It makes for a scrumptious gravy.
  • The mushroom hash looks… well, like a mess. But it’s my husband’s favorite thing to eat so it stays on the meal plan year after year. Every time I make it, he says: “Did we have this before? It’s so good! I love it!!” and I say: “Yes my love, last year on the same date.” I hope you enjoy it as much as he does. (I like it too, I’m just not as enthusiastic about it.) 
  • The Squash-a-roni sauce requires a powerful blender. If yours isn’t a Vitamix, consider soaking the sunflower seeds and cashews ahead of time, or even just quickly boiling them to soften. (Drain before blending.) 
  • Reminder that you can always add me on WhatsApp, for those last-minute substitution questions or to troubleshoot issues: +16047716412. Let me know if you have problems adding me.

Here is your menu for late October!

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