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Welcome, Fall! Winter squash is now plentiful, and getting cheaper, at the farmers’ market. Yay! Add some beans and dark leafy greens, and you’re all set for super-nutritious, flavorful meals.

  • In testing, I tried to make the Belloganoff sauce with sunflower seeds instead of cashews and… I can’t say I was swayed. It was OK, but I did not enjoy the combination of the sauce with the mushrooms as much as when I make it with cashews. If you are avoiding cashews for allergies, budget or ethical reasons, I recommend using a combination of sunflower and hemp seeds. Or you could even skip the seeds and add a little bit of white beans. If allergies and cost are not a concern, you may want to source fair trade cashews.
  • The chili recipe makes a lot. You can count on it for lunches! If you fear the extra food, cut some of the veggies and do not add chickpeas.

Family plan notes

  • Let’s celebrate the season change with a few autumnal dishes… and my favorite vegan burgers! I’m sure you’ll love those BBB burgers (and beetballs). The combination of hearty brown rice and vivid red beets makes for a succulent burger patty that holds very well. It will become your new favorite and you’ll find yourself cooking this on the meal plan’s off days.
  • I used white beans as a base for the creamy coleslaw dressing instead of vegan mayo. It works great if using a power blender (Vitamix or Blendtec). If not, you may opt to revert to mayo, or make a classic, non-creamy dressing.

Mini plan notes

  • Most recipes are simmered dishes that will turn your home into a fragrant haven, perfect for early fall days. They’re also better if prepared ahead of time, not only because you are extra-busy at this time of year, but because their flavors will develop nicely after a day or two in the fridge. I recommend prepping two for each week of this plan. 

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