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Weeks 29-30 – Late-July

Notes for both plans

  • There are lots of fresh tomatoes in this meal plan, mostly because I think they are in season for many of you. For others, they will still be pretty rare, rubbery, or expensive. If that’s the case for you, or if you are in a rush, it’s perfectly fine to use canned tomatoes instead.
  • Friday night meals are always fun, and that’s why you’re having home-made sushi next week! It’s not difficult, but it does require a few steps. Switch that dinner to a Saturday and have leftovers Friday night if that’s an issue.
  • Speaking of SUSHI, wait until you discover those gomae sushi rolls! I always knew of spinach gomae, but never thought of putting it in a roll. Now I’ve smartened up and we’ll be eating this a few times a month! Check out the video if you are at all weary about the art of rolling. No fancy bamboo mat required! (My husband did the sushi dinner and he felt very empowered.)

Family plan notes

  • The slow cooker gets a lot of use in this meal plan, as opposed to the oven and stove top. The oven is called to help in two recipes, but if it’s too hot for you to turn it on, here are alternatives:
    • Yamchiladas: you can layer the rolled up tortillas in a slow cooker, pour the sauce on top, and cook on high for 2-3 hours, or low for, say, 6 hours. It will probably not be pretty, but nevertheless delicious. And you won’t need to start the oven. You can also reheat the sauce and filling in the microwave, roll as burritos, and dip in the sauce instead.
    • Roasted vegetables: you can grill them on the barbecue instead.

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