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Weeks 27 & 28 – Early-July

We enter the second half of the year, which means a big shift from greens to reds! It is not quite high tomato season yet, at least in the Northern parts of the American continent, but red bell peppers are with us! I am using a few in this plan but… From year to year, I keep flipping back and forth between encouraging you to roast your own peppers, and buying some jarred roasted red peppers. I can’t make up my mind! Bottom line: I encourage to roast them at home yourself but… it’s summer and it’s hot and you may not be into firing up the oven for longer than absolutely necessary. Adjust your shopping list accordingly.

As usual, you are almost always safe to use the vegetables of your choice, based on what looks good at the farmers’ market. One that is popular at our table is baby turnips. Crunchy like a radish, without the pepperiness! And you can use the greens in the creamy pasta instead of spinach (as long as they are super fresh).

Chances are that, by the time you read this, fresh corn will have hit the stands. Go for it! I can’t seem to get enough corn to please our kids, they always want another piece. Note: removing those darning little silks is a great job for young kitchen helpers.

Questions? Worries? Get help.