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Vegan Meal Plans – Late-April and early-May – Weeks 17 & 18

Hear-ye, hear-ye, all hail the new meal plan!

Let’s be brutally honest: this one was tough for me! As you know, I care a great deal about using seasonal produce. But every spring I hit the same issue: there isn’t much remaining from the Fall harvest, and the best of spring is yet to come. I find it really challenging to create diverse meal plans from what’s on offer at the farmers’ market. But I did it! And the upside is that it’s a pretty simple one for you.


  • You are about to make lovely chickpea crepes for the asparagus rollups. But beware! If you bought chickpea flour a while ago… give it a good sniff before deciding to use it. Or, better yet, just toss it and get fresh one. Chickpea flour goes rancid in a matter of months and could very well ruin your dinner. Spend the extra dollars to get fresh one. In a bind, if you have a blender, you can soak red lentils in water (just reduce the water by about 1/4 cup to start) and blend after a couple of hours. It works, too.
  • Speaking of the chickpea rollups… these are really fun to eat and a good way to add more turmeric to your diet. This being said, making crepes at dinner time may not be in the books for you this week. You can either make the crepes during the weekend, or buy ready-made tortillas or wraps and make-do with that.
  • I know some of you often feel the meal plans yield too much food, while others struggle to keep up with the energy needs of growing teenagers and construction workers. Review the meal plan ahead of time and consider the options under “feeding hungry t-rexes” if you worry there won’t be enough food to satiate the ravenous ones. The recipes are always very flexible and you are welcome to add more of the ingredients you like, with an eye on keeping the general ratios about right.


  • The simmered dish recipes yield a lot of food. If you eat all your meals at home and enjoy soup for lunch, you’ll probably want to make them as suggested. If you don’t have a huge appetite, either decrease the quantities for one or more of the recipes, or skip one more than usual.
  • Curious about the asparagus rollups? They aren’t on the mini plans but you can go ahead and check out the directions in the family plan.

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