Yes, five thousand nights. That’s:

6 or 7 dinners per week X 52 weeks per year X 15 years = 5,070

Maybe that number will be a little less for you. Or possibly a lot more. And we are not even counting breakfast and lunch.

Let that sink for a moment.

How do you feel?

Chances are, the thought of planning, preparing and serving 5,000 meals does not have you jumping up and down with excitement. Why not? Here are some of the reasons I have heard from home cooks like you:

  • “My #1 problem is deciding what to make, coming up with something relatively quick with ingredients on hand.”
  • “We get stuck in a rut with the same meals often, so I always have to look for new recipes.”
  • “The time it takes to prepare and cook meals is huge, especially because I have to cook a separate meal for my omni family.”
  • “It’s tiresome to come up with ways to please everyone in my family, and stressful too because my partner and children still eat meat, and I would rather they didn’t.”
  • “Vegan recipes always seem to have lots of ingredients, many of which I am not keeping around.”
  • “Finding time to cook after a busy day is really challenging.”
  • “I work hard to please my other half. He often feels that the meal is “lacking” because there is no meat in it.”
  • “My son is allergic to soy and my husband can’t eat gluten. Our options are horribly limited.”
  • “Getting toddlers to eat is like pulling teeth.”


Think about a whole week of eating dinner at home. The meals would be home cooked and include some of your family members’ favorites, all made with plant-based ingredients, with everything cooked from scratch (or almost). On weeknights, the preparation would take 20 minutes because you would have prepared some parts of the meal ahead of time. Cleaning up after dinner would be a breeze because you used only one pot, a cutting board and a knife. When Saturday morning would come around, you would glance at the fridge to update your shopping list and head to store with a clear plan in mind. You would buy only what you need, and not end up with a ton of wasted produce (and lost money) later that month.

What would it take to achieve a week like that?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT one more recipe.

It’s kitchen skills.

When you think of kitchen skills, you probably think of the fastest way to slice an avocado or bake the fluffiest three-layer cake. Those are kind of important, but they aren’t everything. In fact, they aren’t even the most important kitchen skills.

To become a master vegan home cook, you need to get better at choosing what to cook… and at planning when you’ll cook it. You also need the confidence to improvise tasty and healthy meals with the ingredients easily accessible to you. It doesn’t have to be hard… but it helps to put in some work up front to reap the benefits night after night.

I created the 5,000-Meal Solution program to help you get “vegan kitchen fit” so you can tackle the daily challenges of feeding your family better plant-based meals, using whole foods whenever possible.

Think of it as core strength training for your kitchen muscles.


The 5,000-Meal Solution Program is centered on a 28-day meal plan that you work with over the course of three months. As we go through the 8 program modules together, we adapt the plan to your needs and tastes, and practice the routines, habits and shortcuts that will make you more mindful and less wasteful. In other words: happier and richer. 🙂 Healthier, too.

Each of the 8 modules includes a 10- to 20-minute video briefing, cheat sheets, templates, and more!

The Great Kitchen Detox
Your 28-Day Meal Plan
Loving and Feeding Non-Vegans and Picky Eaters
Emergency Kitchen Systems
Secret Kitchen Weapons: Organized Prep Sessions
Our family’s take on key micro-nutrients and supplements
Dealing with Change: New homes, new kids, new issues
The Vegan Duty to Host

Plus BONUS content!

Grocery shopping videos
10-minute meals cheat sheet
1-week recipe-free vacation meal plan (for that week at the cabin)
Curated list of credible, science-based sources of health and nutrition information
Organizing your own community prep kitchen
And more!

The modules are released over three months but you can take longer to follow the program if you need to. All materials will remain available to you for at least 12 months, and can be downloaded to your device if desired.


This 3-month, 8-lesson program is now offered for only $17! (Regular price $97). For that amazing price, you get:

10+ training videos
28-day customizable meal plan
Anti-recipe cookbook
1-week recipe-free vacation meal plan
A dozen templates and cheat sheets
45-minute 1-on-1 coaching call to help you tackle your #1 problem in the kitchen

PLUS the satisfaction of knowing that 10% of your program fee is donated to environmental and animal rights organizations.

With the program’s suggested exercises and meal plan, you will save more than $50 on your grocery bill in the first month. And every month after that!

Vegan Meal Plans - Brigitte GemmeMy name is Brigitte Gemme and I am a recovering cookbook and recipe addict.

Years ago, I was a pretty good omnivore cook. I embraced plant-based cooking as a way to discover delicious new food with a lighter environmental footprint. Along the way, I became truly aware of the suffering of animals, and decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Up until that point, I had been eating mostly plant-based meals, but there was always the option of reverting to easy meat- or cheese-centric meals when I was away from home, or depleted of the willpower and energy required to make a vegan recipe work for my family.

Once I committed to 100% vegan meals, I found myself in a bit of a pickle.

I was very reliant on recipes and precise meal planning. Any and every bump in my schedule, or my kids’ behavior, could make dinner time extra stressful. Living with a foodie but non-vegan husband whom I always wanted to impress with amazingly tasty and healthy food added to the trickiness. Deciding upon and preparing meals became an all-consuming affair that tested my resolve. It just felt like I was spending all of my free time (and my not-so-free time!!) looking for recipes, shopping around for “weird” ingredients, preparing complex meals and washing mountains of dishes, PLUS reassuring my husband of the nutritional value of the meals I was trying to feed our kids.

ENOUGH! I applied my training as a PhD researcher and my experience from 15+ years of project management to design shortcuts that made my life so much easier. I created meal planning templates that integrated knowledge about nutrition and helped me save money by reducing food waste. I cross-analyzed recipes from various cookbooks to see the commonalities and craft “anti-recipes” that did not depend on any particular ingredient to be delicious. I read the science about the nutritional content of plants and the best way to avoid becoming an “ex-vegan”. I learned tons about how we can train ourselves to change our habits and develop better routines. And I discovered that thousands of others have the exact same problems as me.

Do you struggle with the idea of cooking dinner 5,000 more times? I totally get it. If you join this program, you can take the shortcuts it took me years to figure out. In three months, you can build the habits you need to make it joyful to feed your family better meals based on whole plant-based foods, even if today you feel too busy and disorganized.

Make it your resolution to get in the best kitchen shape of your life.


Do I need to be a top chef to join this programs?
No need to be a cooking show star to apply. The program assumes that at the very least you can cook some basic meals while following a recipe. You will gain much independence and confidence by following the program’s 8 modules. If you are already a cooking star, you will likely still be learning lots because the program is not centered on cooking but rather on making kitchen decisions for individual meals, weekly/monthly menu plans, and seasonal selections.
What if I my spouse/kids/people I cook for aren’t vegan?
You are not alone in this situation, in fact the vast majority of vegans are surrounded by people who still eat meat, dairy and/or eggs. Many, like you maybe, also cook meat/dairy/eggs for others. I discuss this in the program and it is taken into consideration in the 28-day meal plan that accompanies the modules.
I am not totally plant-based/vegan at the moment, can I still join?
Yes! Please do! If you are transitioning towards veganism, I do offer good tips to make it stick. If you do not plan on going 100% vegan, following the program will make you better at sneaking healthy, tasty plant-based whole foods into your menu. Everyone can benefit, really.
Do I have to complete the program in three months?
You can follow the program at your own pace and take however long you want… but you can’t go faster than three months. The program is paced so that you have enough time to integrate one module’s routines and habits into your life before moving on. The materials will be available to you forever.
How much time should I dedicate to the program?
Unless you are currently eating only delivery meals or frozen dinners, the program will not require you to spend more time than usual in the kitchen. Chances are, you’ll soon get a lot quicker, too. You will be spending 30-60 minutes per module to watch the videos, read the materials and complete the suggested activities. For a total of about 10 hours of extra work over the next three months, you will see an immediate, positive impact on your happiness in the kitchen.
Other questions? Email Brigitte now (and get a response pretty quickly).
The program is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, within 60 days of registering, having followed the instructions in the course’s modules, you do not feel that the program is improving your life, email Brigitte to receive a full refund.
The Smart Vegan Kitchen helps you change your habits to lessen your footprint and supports organizations that push for change at the global scale. 10% of your program fees are donated to environmental and animal rights organization. An extra 10% is donated if you complete the program and evaluate it within 6 months. See details in the program materials.